POTA Results For April 27, 2024

We had a very well attended POTA event at Colusa yesterday park US-3243 with not so bright band conditions. We had a most delicious lunch cooked by Tyler (N6UTV) and his XYL and others brought and provided items as well.  The Colusa park is a very nice and shaded facility and with another group trip we could hold the record for QSO’s from this park under the KJ6HCG Call. We also lack 2 QSO’S from being the park leader at park US-0205 Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge.

POTA wise, we found the bands to be not in our favor although 3 members did make enough contacts to log a POTA activation. Two Highlights were Smitty (WB1G) made a SSB Australia contact on 12M and Steve (KN6MGK) made a Japan SSB contact as well I believe that was also on 12M. Dennis (KN6SJJ) made a Virginia Contact as well yesterday. Chris (AE6Z) had a robust amount of CW Contacts I recall a NY station in there. Chris AE6Z, Dennis (KN6SJJ), and Steve (KN6MGK) had the over 10 contacts to make a activation. Stats are as follows (15) phone contacts, (14) CW (AE6Z) (8) FT8 contacts. Dennis (KN6SJJ) had (10) phone contacts he really earned those as did Ryan, Steve, and Smitty. Without Chris doing CW and Steve doing FT8 we would not have had as good of a showing on the logs.

Remember to be a club outing at least 2 preferably 3 members must be present for a club POTA activation. IF anyone is interested in doing some POTA in between official events reach out and we will do a quick one I am finding we have some other less known sites we can activate in the future. I would like to do another activation at the refuge and get the record for the club but not a monthly outing but maybe a evening or morning outing.

Thank you to all who attended and helped make the event a success.

Jeramie (W6LND)